The areas of application for SeaCell™ – comfort and well-being for clothing with added value


SeaCell™ fiber stands for the highest comfort and an environmentally conscious lifestyle. Whether at work, at home, or during aerobic activities; whether for babies, children, or adults: SeaCell™ cares for your skin anytime and anywhere. The fibers can be used in various areas of applications - from fashion clothing to home textiles, and more.


Because of their extraordinary properties to protect and care, these fibers are suitable for all textiles that come in contact with the skin. During physical activity the fiber offers breathability and care for the skin. This holds true also for medical and semi-medical applications, business applications, sports and casual wear, underwear, and the home textile industry. Therefore SeaCell™'s proactive, nature-based textiles are greatly suitable for those with skin-dependent needs. For example, the fiber allows for a better quality of life for those suffering from allergies or from skin conditions like atopic dermatitis. Textiles containing SeaCell™ feel natural and gentle to the skin even when blended with synthetics.

SeaCell™ ensures a healthy combination of comfort, numerous processing options, and good compatibility with other fibers in crocheted fabrics and nonwovens.