Modern technology in accordance with nature

The brand SeaCell™ symbolises progress, premium quality and joy in life; an innovative fiber and future-oriented technology. SeaCell™ wants upmarket and unique products which enable a modern living. The fiber also stands for the “healthy combination” of perceptible comfort, a wide array of different processing possibilities and the versatility of being combined with other fibers in knitted fabrics, weaves and non-wovens.

After years of intensive research work, a fiber made from renewable raw material was developed, which serves as a functioning carrier for the seaweed: SeaCell™. Smartfiber has been successful in integrating the beneficial effect of the health-promoting wrack directly and permanently into the fiber. During wearing, vital substances are released because of natural skin moisture and enable an active exchange of substances between fiber and skin. Like this, the seaweed caters for an activating effect and the skin stays fresh and smooth. And the best is: the valuable substances of the seaweed are released consistently by the SeaCell™ fiber, whereby the effect is maintained permanently within the cellulose fiber, even after several wash cycles.

The secret of SeaCell™: the special softness

SeaCell™ gives all textiles a particularly soft and smooth touch – that is the secret of an extraordinary fiber. Whoever wears textiles made from SeaCell™ feels the typical wellness effect on the skin and does not want to miss it anymore. In the often hectic daily routine, SeaCell™ provides ease and care by enjoying the calming effect of the fiber on the skin. Body and soul rejuvenate much better from permanent stress. SeaCell™ - time to relax.

Environmentally conscious and hence up to date, SeaCell™ brings the positive achievements of nature back to men. Therefore, the European Union has awarded this process with the European Environmental Award 2000 in the category “technology for sustainable developments”. SeaCell™ can be used ideally for the production of home textiles that combine extraordinary softness with gentle care and provide protection against negative environmental influences.

Apropos: SeaCell™ does not have a cytotoxic effect and causes no incompatibility on sensitive skin. The fiber provides skin physiological harmlessness and body pleasant properties.

Application range:

- Home textiles: ideal field of application, among others because of the combination of skin care and special softness

- Sports- and leisure wear, socks, work wear: ideal field of application, among others because of the increased skin care and regeneration during physical effort

- Night- and underwear: ideal field of application, among others because of the health-promoting care-, protection- and wellness qualities

- Care cosmetics and cosmetic applications: ideal field of application, among others because of the protective- and healing functions of seaweed